Wednesday, December 9, 2009


so many opportunities are opened to you..if you have a high gpa.
iwant one.psych bleh. done.

orgo in less than 8 hours. I guess I'll only be napping. ugh.

things i need to do before i leave:

  • do laundry
  • clean room: sparkling clean
  • throw away junk
  • pack clothes!
  • throw away food that will go bad
  • swiffer and vacuum room
  • bring KSA binder!
  • don't forget retainer!!

things i need to do at home:

  • study orgo
  • go to the gym everyday
  • buy groceries: salad, tomatoes, own cooking things.
  • learn to cook more korean food from mom
  • look over ksa culture shows from other schools
  • plan out k-nite
  • email jiyun her fan dance list.
  • email modern dance lister.
  • take nabi to vet
  • go to dr. gund.
  • pay for emt
  • study for emt test!
  • contact david choi in january!
  • plan out events for ksa

things i want to do at home:

  • nyc with sujin
  • nyc with maggie, see a ballet
  • go snowboarding
  • buy snowboarding boots and binding
  • send xmas cards

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