Thursday, December 3, 2009


break down of my most productive day. again.

9:00am wake up call
9:12am snoozer on. feed the cat
12:12pm bedhead wakes up. slid out of bed
1:00pm started revising brother's essay
8:00pm FLASHFORWARD ep11 (wrote card.hardest things to write)
9:00pm ksa eboard meeting
10:00pm eboard meeting ends
11:30pm~drove over to bohyun unnie's place for hyunsik's surprise
persuaded sujin to come.
Modern dance decided: "honey"-jyp
Tectonic idea: kids in the dance are going to be in the crowd..and have them
stand up when the music starts one by one. Then entering all together onstage.
12:30am came back to suite
1:47am blogging about my day as I lie on Shellie's bed.



his card.


happy 21st birthday.
This marks the year I've known you.
It sucks we've been too busy for each other this semester.
Soon to be seniors, we'll be busier than ever.
Let's not let that be an excuse for our friendship.
Enjoy your birthday.


His last year present.

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