Sunday, December 27, 2009

im untitling.



past days after cruise
watched AVATAR with hc, great movie.
late night dining
The day I was about to go up to boston,
i went to the post office
yeah i might have seen mike captein.

But more importantly, i saw Mrs. Clarkson.

it was an amazing feeling. i cried.

up in boston, cleaned, stuffed my car, ate dinner with eugene, saw roberta, with late night talking with shellie. headed home around 12:30am, came home around 2:30am. didn't wake up till 1pm. great there goes my day.

I saw Natalya. She was really, really glad to see me. And so was I.

last night
made dinner for the boys
late night studying at borders, where we first met
we kissed under the rain. i didn't hold back.
bought two books
admitted & confessed
"You are a good guy"....

my day agenda
church service
visiting ms. cindy
hcdf drunk at 3:30pm
dinner for hkuncle's bday
woorim opa came. jdsn. ever more charming
KEVIN THAI and gf at buffet!

I am not a good writer. Though I can definitely pretend to be.

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