Sunday, December 6, 2009

"i can't complain"

i lied.

good morning.
6ppl in my car including me: 한빛, theo, paul, yoojin, gloria.
phil couldn't drive there, but he drove back.
after service +faith and sean.
Today's sermon: Don't complain. who are we to complain? The Jews when crossing the red sea, when God split it in half so they could escape from the Egyptians...many of them were probably complaining about the mud, ruining the shoes, getting their clothes dirty...looking down...if they only looked up, saw the miraculous work of God...only would they then realize how insignificant and foolish their complaints were. It was a powerful message by pastor eugene.

after service, i wrote steph a card.
eugene says she reminds him of me and vice a versa.
lunch date with dasom on friday. DONT FORGET.
sdt potluck sucked. no food.

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