Friday, December 4, 2009

Bella Sante

..was AMAZING.
12pm appointment in Wellesley.
Hot rock Massage-175
Gift from Eugene 250 well spent.
Tomorrow Fencing meet at Brandeis.
See sean fence!
Mikeyroh will be there too.
brunch with Dasom?
Dinner with Eugene@emmas

me calling phil peter has made our relationship funnier.
andrewrhim is way cooler than me. though he might argue otherwise.
hy.was nice to me today.
Called to invite for dinner.
S is still bitter.I feel it.
It felt like how we were last year.
Even just telling me to call after I was done with "study session"
regardless..made it felt like last year.
I wonder how the card was interpreted.
It was concise.
Completely to the point.
Was appreciated.
Possibly friendship restored?
"Thanks so much Jan...kkkk for yesterdays surprise.
Still Thank you."
About meeting with Monique.
"Still tell me though".
Felt like he had my back.
Eugene's sister.
Immediate surgery needs to be done.
May be cancerous.
If attached to ovaries, then the ovaries has to be completely removed...
Leaves possibility to no kids.
Eugene is having a hard time.
I wish I could help him more.
Sjh didn't go to dinner.
Made her go to surprise party last night.
She liked it.
Sleep or not to sleep. That is the question.
Giving dachem massage makes me uncomfortable.
Can't tell him that somehow.
His latest text:
"I'm good to you because you 1. have an awesome personality 2. have a great smile 3. I'm expecting another massage and korean food"

am i that great?

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