Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this week...

weekend happenings...
-dpark's bday party
-phipsi drop in
same night.

dance practice 1-5pm at icc. great.

sunday church & pho.
fought with brother in the morning.

mundane Monday.

10-11am-social psych
12-1:30pm-meeting with monique and luke
2pm-physics lab lecture
3pm-jumstart meeting with sujin-SCC 315
5-6:30-psych stats
7-8pm-Religions discussion

tiring tuesday.
9am class-ANTH111a
quick name until class @ 12-1:30 PHIL of Religion...

eat. run.

pref night @9, meaning practice at 8, set up by 7:30PM
Ran/drove around frantically buying champaign, cake, materials, roses...
Wrote the script, pasted everything, set up.

Pref was perfect.
I made Alix proud.
I made the whole sorority proud.

weak and frail wednesday.
10-11am-social psych
5-6:30-psych stats QUIZ
7-10pm-physics lab.

trying to get through thursday....

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