Monday, February 8, 2010

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fought with brother yesterday.
fought with hc on friday night.
dinner with eug last night.
last night was superbowl. new orleans saints? won.
jerri went back home to fix matt's crazy habits of being irresponsible.
i got perfect score on my psych stats quiz.
schwartz auditorium.
requested $8000, received about $7000. GOD PROVIDES.
talk with reika, christy. insecurities.
freshman jiwon and her "88" ness. bother.
jiyun came over to give me "hello..stickies"
IMed opa. apologized for being a bother. he said, "im going to let you be..with no expectations.."
don't know what that means.
sujin,olga and i sat in the front seats in physics.
suite girls sang spice girls.
ate strawberries with nutella.
made first panini with ham and cheese for lunch before physics.
rescheduled practice with tectonic.

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