Sunday, January 3, 2010

dec 13th post on sea

December 13th. 4:33pm

Almost exactly 24 hours (and 3 mins) since we set sail from Jacksonville, FL.
So far. . .
There are mostly black people and white people. No Asians, except really old people or families with really young kids.
Mostly middle class, you can tell.
The food does not compare to the food I’ve eaten with Eugene in Boston.
Nowhere near it.
They had wine tasting for $10, but even without it, I feel tipsy onboard so why bother?
I feel like a bulimic. After I eat, about everything I ate, I throw up. Sea-sickness sucks.
I made a conclusion--- being stuck in the sea, being stranded on sea would be my greatest nightmare. I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming, me getting sick and all..OH I KNOW. The rents told me , “oh the ship is really big! You won’t feel the ocean current!”

I’ve learned something about myself. I don’t ask enough questions.
Of course, the ocean will win.
Lesson learned.
Here is the carnival plan.

Saturday: Depart at 4:30pm
Sunday: Day on the sea
Monday: Nassau, Bahamas
Tuesday: Private Island
Wednesday: Day on the sea.
Thursday: back on land.

I’m hungry now.
Everyone is sleeping.
I slept since lunch(which consisted of 2 soft-served ice cream cones and lemonade)

Daily bible study:

God’s love is like an ocean, and we are sinking.
As massive as this boat is…the ocean is so much greater.
As big of a person/as successful as we make ourselves to become, the world is so much greater.
As big as this world may seem to be, our God is SOO much greater.
He created us and He created this world. Our God reigns.
We can’t lose sight of how insignificant we are to God, we’re even small as a speck in this world. Birds are even less significant than we are-yet, our heavenly father feeds them. So why worry about tomorrow and what tomorrow will bring, when we know our God is ultimately in control? And that our God is a loving God who loves us, a speck in the universe. He loves us tremendously, he calls us His sons and daughters, the insignificant us. He shows grace to us, showing our significance to Him. How merciful is our God? So great.

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