Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dimentional Analysis

A method of manipulating unit measures algebraically to determine the proper units for a quantity computed algebraically.

life=[relationship with God]^a[self identity]^b [persuit of happiness]^c.....

random thoughts I'll finish later.

results: life is proportionate to...

only makes sense that my mindset is here this day this time.

This thanksgiving was spent with my brother at Brandeis.
Parents in Korea,Pakistan, Vietnam...
Going home for the Thanks has always been a mindless task.
I felt like I was 5 for missing my parents.
Why is it that the harder things get, the more we want to retrieve back home?
The semester ends in less than 2 weeks.
Classes end this week on Wednesday.
2 weeks till bahamas.
First final (physics) tomorrow. TA Lou has put me in the spot..again.
Life's funny.
@cornerstone called phil, "PETER" fml
Studying with tk,donghaeoppa,nate,sujin.

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